My baby boy is the cutest little bastard. 

Anonymous asked:
I'm a wee one at 5'0. I've got blue eyes and light brown hair. I've read everything by George Orwell, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens. I tend to oscillate between wanting to spend every waking second outside playing and wanting to hide inside for days with a book, a notepad, and a good album. I'd like to go on an adventure with you. Walk around a new city, hike, kayak, bike, lay by a body of water, any or all of the above. There's no better day than one spent outdoors with a beautiful girl.

I tend to bounce between the two of those too. I compromise by spending hours outside with Spud and then having time to myself when he sleeps. 

An adventure sounds perfect! Bring on the adventures. 

Anonymous asked:
19 Y/O, female, blonde, interests are reading, nature programmes, anything outdoors, hiding in blankets watching movies and everything under and around the sea. A date would be getting a pickup truck, filling the back with blankets and pillows, driving it up a mountain away from the city and laying in the back watching the stars. With hot chocolate and popcorn too of course. Then a drive down to the beach to listen to the waves and breath in the fresh sea breeze while we talk.

All these beach themed dates!
I want them all. Please.

You sound amazing. And I’m definitely up for stargazing in blankets in the middle of nowhere!

Anonymous asked:
Wow thanks!! I Hope have time to read all of them, college is killing me,meantime i just bought the kite runner,i couldn't help to notice that most of them were made movies so now i have to see them to oh and btw I like zombies a lot, maybe so much that if i see one i probably hesitate to break his head or put an arrow in it,and if you are up for new stories i totally recommend you. Love in the time of cholera ,The Scarlet and the Black(you'll love or hate Julian),and The Bad girl of MVLL.

I’ll have a look for those!
A lot of the popular books are made into movies. And some classics too.
Just be aware that the movies are never as good as the books.
Except maybe the book thief. Which isn’t as good as the book but it’s pretty close!